Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sister Connection

Last week was stressful and difficult.  Mom is very ill and the doctors explained to us that there is nothing else they could do.  As a family we made the decision to bring Mom home with hospice care.  No amount of chocolate can heal a hurting heart.

As a minister's wife I am learning that I am having to play the role of minister when my husband or my parent's pastor is not there.  I really do not get to be the daughter or sister.  Instead, I am setting up the sitter schedule, listening to Mom give details of her wishes for her service, trying to help my dad grieve for his wife of almost 57 years, and minister to my brother, a retired Air Force colonel.

Yet throughout this week, an awesome thing occurred.  In the small town where my parents live, my cell service is spotty.  Most of the time I can barely receive or send a text and never email.  However, at some of my lowest moments this past week, I would go into the bathroom or the bedroom and my cell phone would "bing" with a text or email.  The message would be from someone in our Tennessee sisterhood-Pat Brown in East Tennesee; Lana Rose at the state convention; Jeanne Davis, the precious wife of the executive director; and Dana James, fellow blogger and sister in ministry.  They all just wanted me to know they were praying for me.  Each time it was like God reached down and hugged me

Sisters, this is why we need each other.  While we are walking through dark days of death or difficult situations, we need sisters to stand in the gap to pray.  (I just received a Facebook message last night from a fellow sister asking that I pray for her as she is in a difficult situation).  As a sisterhood we need to celebrate the joys of ministry and personal lives  of each other as well.  There are so many other sisters in ministry who are isolated and lonely.  They have no one to vent to, cry with, or laugh with.  We really need to pray for these ladies to find a connection like we have.

In the meantime, I thank you for allowing me to be part of this sisterhood and for the connection we have in Christ.  I love you all.

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Sara said...

Cold Chills....praying for you and your family.