Monday, March 5, 2012

Random Writings & Responses

Recently, I read a blog written by a frazzled mom who had finally had enough of older "mothers" and complete strangers telling her to treasure these days because they are fleeting. Not that she didn't appreciate the good intentions of these people, but I totally understood and could sympathise with the author, that some days are hard and you feel ready for life's next phase.

I am so ready to stop buying diapers. Third grade math isn't as easy as it used to be. Have you seen my husband's spring/summer calendar?! My to-do list only grows and I can't seem to get caught up on the laundry, the grocery shopping or the house work. It is easy to wish days away.

The author's purpose wasn't to complain or host a pity party. Actually, I was quite encouraged by her reason for writing. She honestly pointed out that sometimes it is hard to have whole days that we want to "treasure" and remember forever in the midst of our busy, hectic, crazy lives. Instead, she prays for and seeks out much smaller portions of time to treasure.

Personally, I struggle with my own expectations of myself. If I want to treasure a special day, I put it into overdrive trying to accomplish the "perfect" day. As a result, I wear out myself, my husband and my girls. The day will become memorable all right, just for all the wrong reasons.

Like the author, I have become intentional to savor some thing everyday. This morning, I knew it was going to be a busy hectic day, so when my girls interrupted my quiet time, I took advantage of the still house to just hold them. I studied their faces and prayed, thanking God for each of them and these few precious moments of peace. I accepted then and there that we might be a little late running out the door, but it was really worth it.

Yesterday, it was the sweet position in which Piper fell asleep in her bed for her Sunday Siesta. Saturday, it was the cute way the girls played together in the floor. Friday I enjoyed curling Riley's hair for a special event at school.

I am not writing these moments down anywhere. I don't know, maybe I should. They are just ordinary moments, mental snapshots of what life in the Vinson house is all about. But, I am praying for open eyes and an awareness to help me to be intentional to remember these small details and to praise God for His goodness in these blessings. With this attitude I found so many things that I was looking at as "have to" are now "get to."

I am more appreciative to God and very aware of how very good He is. These busy days are still busy, but I feel like I am living life to the full as He intended instead of just feeling that my life is too full. I am finding God in the best places all through my day too.

How about you? What is a special moment that you want to treasure? How do you make sure that you are soaking up the gift that God has given you in today?

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Pat said...

Seeing you "parent" first hand (if only for an hour) assures me you are "doing it well"!! So proud to see a young mom loving her child through a "melt-down" and still have the consistency to handle it as you normally would, even with an outsider in the house. Praying for you as you cherish the moments.