Monday, March 12, 2012

Two Birthdays

A couple of weeks ago at our church we had a baptism ceremony, and we celebrated the occasion of five individuals who had given their lives to Jesus Christ! The youngest was eleven, and the oldest was a gentleman who received Christ when our church evangelism team went out into the community to share the Gospel! I am always thrilled to see others come into a relationship with our Savior!

This baptism service got me thinking about the fact that I have two birthdays, and so do many of you. What do I mean? We all know the date when our mothers gave birth to us, the day that we made our entrance into the world. We also have a point in time when God gave us a spiritual birth, when we were born-again and entered the kingdom of light!

Our physical birthday is sometimes celebrated with a little fanfare, maybe a cake, a few gifts, perhaps a dinner with friends and family. We also sometimes approach this day with mixed emotions, excited that we have been blessed to see another year, yet a little apprehensive about getting older and facing all the challenges that come with aging.

What about our spiritual birthday? Is it celebrated with any type of fanfare or rejoicing? And what if you cannot remember an actual date when the Lord gave you a new life? I remember my spiritual birthday, but some do not. For those that do not remember an exact date, there is a point in time when God saves you, a time when you began a relationship with Him, and gradually started pulling away from the powerful influence of the world. Even if you cannot remember a certain date or day, but you know for certain that you have placed your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, then celebrate!!

One birth brought us into this world; the other will take us on into eternity!

“…..I tell you there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Luke 15:10


Pat said...

I celebrate my spiritual birthday each year with the person whose testimony opened my eyes and heart. That was 11 years ago this past Saturday. This years celebration is delayed a few days because of life stuff, but we will be celebrating this week. Thanks for the encouragement to celebrate!

Tonya said...

I am so glad that you actually celebrate your spiritual birthday! It's also very special that you celebrate with the person that the Lord used to open your eyes!