Friday, September 28, 2012

Food for the Soul

You know as pastors and pastor wives, we are always ministering to "others" and do not take time for ourselves.  I get to sit in the service each week and be "preached to and taught" by my husband, which I thoroughly enjoy, but let's be honest, many weeks, we have been stopped, pulled aside and pounded to the point that our minds are on church "things" instead of the service at times.  By nature, I am a fixer, so that tends to make this situation worse.  Also, it is not as much fun to sit by ourselves during the worship service.

Anyway, it is always a blessing when we get to take some time and sit back and be "feed" together.  This weekend we are in Pigeon Forge being "preached to and taught" as a couple at the Appalachian Ministers Celebration --- Appreciating the Past, Accenting the Present & Anticipating the Future.  I am looking so forward to this time of "soul food" plus this time "away" from the rat-race with my husband and fellowship with great friends.

I know that most of you do attend conferences together, but if you do not, I would like to encourage you to make plans to attend some.  As a couple and as a minister, you NEED THAT TIME.

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