Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jury Duty

I will be 56 years old next month and this is the second time I have been summons to jury duty.  The first time, I was breast-feeding our youngest and they let me off.  This time, even being a teacher did not get me off the hook, although many teachers in the past have used that excuse. 

In our county, you serve for four months, but if you turn in your paper work early enough, you get a choice of whether you serve on Panel 1 which is August/September or Panel 2, which is October/November.  In rare trials Panel 1 and Panel 2 will be called in, so therefore you are on stand-by for four months.  Being a teacher, Panel 2 made more sense, but being a soon-to-be Mimi, Panel 1 was my choice.

I begin to prepare and plan around jury duty.  Each week, the recorded message I received when calling in would say,  "All panel 1 jury members please call back next Monday on so-and-so date after 5 pm."

I got very comfortable with that message, so image my surprise last Monday, during the middle of the "FLOODS" we were having when the recorded message said, "All panel 1 jury members report to the court house tomorrow at 8:45." This was the day that our county schools were cancelled because of the flooding in our county, so while all of the other teachers got to sleep in, I waded through the rain to the court house and waited until lunch to be told that I was not chosen so was dismissed until the next call date.

The next call date was last Thursday and the message just said to call back Monday, September 24th after 5 p.m.  Yesterday, the message, once again said to report to the court house at 8:45 on Tuesday, Sepember 25th.

I type all of this to say.....I have known for two months that I was on stand-by for jury duty, but I got very comfortable with the fact that I never had to actually go.......so when I actually DID get called, I was SHOCKED and was NOT PREPARED.

Think about it.  Isn't that sort of the way we are concerning the Second Coming of Jesus?  We have known about it for a long time.  We know He is coming back.  We keep getting ready and preparing, but then we get lazy and too comfortable.  We say we are looking for His coming, but our actions show that really deep down, we think he will come back, but NOT TODAY.

May we ALL be PREPARED and READY for "HIS COMING".......and not get too comfortable in our lives that we forget our purpose for being here on earth.

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