Monday, September 24, 2012

When It Rains....

Okay, moms, we all know that no matter how old our children are, when they hurt, we hurt.  Or, when they go through trials, so do we.  They will always be our babies.

Our son and daughter-in-law, who have only been married eight months have already seen their share of trials.  Three weeks ago on a Thursday night, our son's truck broke down on the interstate an hour from his home in Gallatin as he was bringing home a small boat he had purchased.  He wound up having to call a tow truck to pick him up. 

The next morning, after he went to work, his wife was running around getting ready for work and stomped her toe on a dumbbell.  She called our son, he came home from work and took her to the doctor where they discovered she had broken her toe, next to the little toe on her right foot.  This meant she was limited to desk work on her job.  I might also mention that they live on the third floor of an apartment, with no elevator.

The same Friday night, our son was going to go get them something to eat, when he pulled out in front of a vehicle and wrecked her car.  They thought it was totaled, but the insurance company is trying to fix it.

Two weeks later, our daughter-in-law was off work and decided to drive into town for a few items.  While hobbling down the three flights of stairs, she lost her balance and fell backwards down the stairs and had to make another trip to the doctor, where they discovered she had fractured her left arm.  This time, she is out of work, without pay, until she can heal some.

It is not always "what" we are going through that is as important as "how we handle" it. 

Just remember, what don't kill us will make us stronger.  Cody and Melanie are taking "their adventurous" month and just joking about it.  They did both say that after the wrecked vehicle, they had least things HAVE to get better from here.....that they WOULD NOT say that again since it was afterwards that she broke her arm.  Smile.

During "their eventful two weeks", Melanie posted on Facebook about all of the events....the toe, the vehicle and the arm.  Then she wrote, "but I am ALIVE and HAPPY and thankful to be that way."

You know....things happen.  Life is not always fair.  When we are going through "stuff" sometimes it is easy to go all "doom and gloom."  (I have to confess, her positive attitude taught me a lesson......since my "children" were going through all of this, I wanted to lean more towards the negative end.) 

Let's strive to keep a positive attitude and the negative world we live in!

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