Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Me, All Wise And Prehistoric? Never!

I am still dwelling on this grandmother thing.  I will not deny that it is a pretty special time.  I will not deny that I cannot wait to get my hands on Gideon and that I live for pictures to be sent daily via Facebook, email, or text message.  Praise Jesus that we no longer have to wait days or weeks for the snail mail to arrive with these priceless gifts!  Still, I am pondering the transition from being a mom to being a grandmother. 

While munching on some dark chocolate (I am trying to keep my heart healthy since I am a grandmother now), I decided to Google quotes on being a new grandmother.  I found the following:

“Being a grandmother is wonderful.  One moment you’re just a mother.  The next you are all-wise and prehistoric.”-Pam Brown

I had to laugh.  As a mother to my sons I never reached the pentacle of being wise.  I have seen too many rolling eyes to know that Stephen and Bryan wondered from what planet I arrived.  I still remember being able to dispense great advice and wisdom to the high school girls I taught in youth group, but that same advice to my boys was often met with the comment, “Oh Mom!”   I can still often advice to our high school students at our church and they give it a try.

However, I just wonder if my sons will see me as all wise now.  I can carry on a fairly decent conversation over sports and impress them with my knowledge of who such and such quarterback is and who he plays for.  I do know some things about current events.  I can blow them away on movie and literature facts.  So what do you think?  Am I all wise?  Probably not.

Then there is the case of prehistoric.  Please!  When I think prehistoric I envision cavemen and dinosaurs.  Yes, I have entered a new phase of life and earned the title grandmother.  However, I still wear cute flip flops; attempt to find stylish, modest clothing, and my hairdresser even comments that I have no gray strands among the blondish color. Just yesterday at church a junior high girl came up to me and excitedly said, “Ms. Vickie, I really can’t believe you have a grandchild.  Seriously, you look like you are in your thirties.” No, I did not pay her and yes, I quickly gave her a big hug and thanked her for her uplifting comment. 

So girlfriends, I confess I am not all-wise and I am definitely not prehistoric.  However, I do feel a strong responsibility to encourage young ministers’ wives in their role.  So do you because you have walked in their shoes.  Let these ladies see that being a minister’s wife is an awesome privilege.  Offer to babysit so she can run errands alone, take her to lunch, and let her feel your joy of serving God.


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