Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Am Mute

This is my week to blog….I wanted to write something Monday--nothing!  Tuesday--nothing!  Now it is Wednesday...and I still got nothing to say!  I got nothing.  (And I know grammatically I am suppose to say I’ve got nothing). 
I am not mad.  I am not sad.  I am not depressed.  It’s just that I got (I’ve got) nothing to say!  At least nothing that God has given me to say.  I have asked.  I am listening.  I got nothing!
But I have to say something!  Don’t I?  After all, it’s my turn to blog!  (Or sometimes I think/say to myself…."I have so say something….I have to teach Sunday school"….or "I have to lead the Bible study…..I have to say something!")
Or do I?
So, what do we do when we got (we’ve got) nothing to say?  Make something up?  Say something that God spoke to us long ago?  Say something God said to someone else?  Yes!  That is what I should do! 
Or is it? 
Unfortunately, too many times that is what I do do!!  Not this time though.  Nope.  I am mute.  I got nothing.

So….as MercyMe would say…..Word of God Speak….!

Psalm 94:17-19

Unless the LORD had helped me, I would soon have settled in the silence of the grave.  I cried out, “I am slipping!” but Your unfailing love, O LORD, supported me.  When doubts filled my mind, Your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.


Pat said...

I think He just spoke. Thanks for the laugh, I needed that!! And, thanks for being REAL with us!!

Sara said...

Maybe God is sitting on your hands. We all know you can't talk without your hands. ;)