Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is It Fall Or Is It Spring?

I totally, completely love this time of year.

I don't know about your little corner of the world, but ours here in Clarksville is absolutely beautiful and amazing. The trees have not looked this vibrant in years. The temps have been perfect and there has not been a hint of summer's humidity or winter's harsh freezes.

Recently I shared my love of this my favorite season with a dear friend. She had a sad look cross her face and she replied that she never much cared for autumn. She had lost a grandparent and a parent in the fall. It was in a fall month that her husband had left her for another woman and her whole world fell a part.

Instantly, I hurt for my friend. I can understand some of her heartache, but I hurt more that she seemed to re-live that pain whenever the season changed from summer to fall. Yearly, all those hurts come back. Where is the healing? Where is the peace?

Dear sister, you may be just like my dear friend. Please do not let Satan rob you of today's beauty and joy by keeping you chained to some other year's baggage of hurt, depression or fear. Ask God to bring healing from where those chains have cut you and freedom by removing those shackles altogether. Let Him redeem your fall.

This past weekend, I played in the yard with my children, drawing on the front walk with colorful pieces of sidewalk chalk. I went with my family to a pumpkin patch and acted like a complete fool trying to get a decent picture of my three year-old. I met a young lady from our student ministry for a Sunday afternoon stroll through a city park, talking of God's goodness and provision while taking in the colorful scenery.

I share all this to say to illustrate the joys God gave me during this beautiful, fall weekend. Every season has its trials and tribulations, but every season also has its great blessings and moments to savor and enjoy.

Seek Him, the magnificent Creator of all this beauty. Fall does have to be the season where life quits blooming, waiting for winter. Fall can have a fresh, new life of its own. Let your fall this year be more like spring. Find and savor the blessings God has for you and you just might feel the budding freshness of true hope.

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