Tuesday, July 2, 2013


JULY 2, 1972.

Forty-one years ago today, Roger and I had our first date.  Actually, he just came to my house and visited me.  I was only 15 and wasn't allowed to go anywhere until October when I would turn 16.

Roger was my first date.  We dated for seven years; actually one day, one month and seven years from our first date, we got married.  I married my best friend.....and today, forty-one years later, he is still my best friend.  I can not imagine life any other way.

I realize that we are in the minority, but that just makes what we have even more precious.

Ladies.....appreciate your man.....appreciate your married and remember......marriage is a lifetime commitment that you must work on EVERY DAY.  Satan is standing on the sidelines waiting to tear your marriage down, so stay close to God and don't allow him the opportunity.

How long have you been with your love?

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