Thursday, July 18, 2013

Seeking God’s Strength

As I write this blog, I am asking God for strength today.  A dear family member is facing some uncertainties.   We are all praying that God will provide our family with the strength we need to face this situation with grace and confidence.

 God has been gracious to my family many times over the years.  Last year was a lesson in His strength as we walked through the valley of death with my mom and then dealt with my dad’s health issues.  So many times God simply had to carry us through the day because we did not have the strength to make it.

 Maybe I am being silly here but I find it very hard to admit that sometimes I want to question why God does the things He does in our lives.  My family is a strong Christian family.  In our family we have deacons, pastors, missionaries, faithful church members, and even those who are dealing with the call to ministry.  Why should WE have to go through struggles?  Then God in His mercy and grace reminds me that no one escapes the struggles of this life.  His very own son, Jesus, suffered and faced uncertainties.  Jesus even prayed for strength as He faced his final hours.

 So girlfriends, I am asking that you pray for my family right now.  My heart is heavy for this precious family member.  We need our Heavenly Father’s strength and wisdom as we face what lies ahead.


How has God strengthened you during a difficult time?


Sara said...

Thank you, Vickie. I needed this so bad today. I could have wrote it myself. Our family as well is dealing with a lot. Praying for your family and would ask that you pray for ours as well. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one tempted to question God when times are tough.

Pat said...

Praying, friend!

Vickie said...

Thanks Sara for your words. It is always nice that there are others who also question God in tough times.
Pat, thank you my sweet friend. I am praying for a speedy recovery for you.