Saturday, July 20, 2013


Last week I went Shreveport to spend a few days with my brother and his family and to visit my dad.  My college age niece was home as well.  One night as I was passing her bedroom I noticed a painting on her bed.  I entered the room and asked if I could get a closer look.  The details of the painting were impressive.  She then took out several other paintings she had done and I stood in awe.  Colors, details, shading, and creativeness oozed from the artwork. 
Later in my room I began to think of all the talented people in my family.  My dad, mom, brother, niece, oldest son and his wife, and my cousin can draw and paint well.  I thought to myself, “Where is my talent?  Why can’t I paint and draw like so many in my family?”  You see when I look at a blank canvas I literally see nothing.  Where people see 3D I see in one dimension.  I took art classes but shading and color scheme just did not click in my blonde brain.  Sometimes I think my only talent is eating chocolate.

Ministry is like a blank canvas.  Just like an artist doodles or splashes paint on a canvas to get an idea, sometimes we try different ideas until God gives us a glimpse of a bigger picture.  We have to “doodle” with an idea such as which direction children or youth ministry should go,  how to more effective reaching young adults, or should the church build more space.  Sometimes the process is slow and sometimes you must rethink your idea.  However, I firmly believe when you allow God to be actively involved in your ministry He will take the “doodles” and create a masterpiece.

Hmm, I wonder if God “doodled” His idea when He was creating me.


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