Friday, September 13, 2013

103 Days Until Christmas

Only 103 Days Until Christmas.....have you started shopping yet? 

I usually like to start early, but so far it has only been a thought.  I have NOTHING bought and NO IDEAS. 

I is still APPLE TIME and I am not ready for all of the HALLOWEEN stuff, much less the THANKSGIVING stuff and CHRISTMAS stuff.  What happened to taking one day at a time?  I mean, by the time I get in the spirit and decide to shop....they will be having "clearance sales" and getting ready for Easter.

It seems as if we are always trying to RUSH our lives away.  Let's slow down....and enjoy.

I am sounding all negative, but I really am not.  I LOVE Christmas time and I love the decorations, etc.  For 17 1/2 years I was a stay at home mom.  During that time, I put a Christmas tree up in EVERY room....even the basement.  The bathroom tress had potpourri hanging on them.  The kitchen tree had cinnamon gingerbread men hanging on it.  Both children had their own trees in their rooms, etc.  One year I put eleven trees up in the house.  (Two of them were only 3 ft. tall and one was 4 ft. tall.  The others were anywhere from 6ft. to 7 1/2 ft. tall.) 

Those were the days.............

Now that I am working again....we cram to get ONE TREE up, usually the last minute.  I just don't have the time or the energy.  And once you put them up, they must come down.  :(

However...............everyone, everywhere are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Christmas.

Sure wish folks got as excited and made as many preparations for the arrival of Christ.

BTW....the picture is of our grand-dogs.....Fanny & Lady Bird from a few Christmas' ago.

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