Friday, September 27, 2013

Top 10 Excuses Given Why People Don't Attend Church Regularly

I have had so much fun putting together top 10 list this week.  Some of the items on the list have been funny and others have made me pause to think.  Today's list was suggested by one of my Arkansas sisters.  Let's see if you can relate or maybe you can share a few excuses given to you on why people don't attend church regularly.

Top 10 Excuses Given Why People Don't Attend Church Regularly

*"My children play ball on Sunday." "I play golf." "We go to the lake, etc."   Hmm, let's see.
   There is always Saturday to do these activities.

*"We are season ticket holders to such and such team.  We get back late from the game and we
    are too tired to come to church."  Hmm, but you stay up late on the week nights and get up and
   go to work the next day.

*"Myfavorite local pro football team plays on Sunday so we must attend the game or get all
  set up for the game night party."  Okay???

*"We do yard work on Sunday."  Hmm, every Sunday?  I sure hope your yard makes the cover of
   Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens.

*"My school age children did not want to come to church because they have to go to school
   all week."  Seriously!  You are the parent!

*"The music is too loud."  "The sancutary is too cold/hot."  "The pastor may preach too
    long and we want to be able to get to our favorite restaurant."  Hmm, I don't think God is
    going to accept those excuses one day.

*"Our alarm didn't go off."  Hmm, it works fine during the week.

*I didn't have anything to wear."  Hmm, what do you wear during the work week?

*"There are certain people at church that I just don't like."  Hmm, well you could go to
   another church or sit on the opposite side of the sancutary.  Besides if you both are Jesus
   followers, you will spend eternity together, so get over it. 

* "We work all week and Sunday is our only day to rest."  Hmm, the staff of the church works
  7 days a week 24 hours a day.  We do good to get a 30 minute nap on Sunday afternoon between
  committee meetings.

I may be a little sarcastic in my responses but when these excuses are given, it is really how I would love to respond back to them.  Instead I smile and say, "Well, I will see you next Sunday."

Now it is your turn to share some excuses given to you.

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