Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Labor Day weekend, we had our annual Family Reunion on my mother's side of the family.  One of my younger cousins was talking about how sad and depressed she was because her youngest was graduating from high school this year.

Later, I got to pondering on her sadness....and thinking about, quite a few years ago, when I was facing the same thing.  In fact, the first weekend of May 2007, our daughter graduated from college.  The second weekend of May 2007, our son graduated from high school.  And, the third weekend of May 2007, our daughter got married.  WHEWWWW.  What a BUSY month.
  • I LOVED when my two children were babies.  Nothing like the smell of baby lotion and the chubby little hugs.
  • I LOVED when my two children were school age and learning and growing every day.
  • I LOVED when they both played sports and every minute was spent carpooling them to and fro.
  • I LOVED when they were both playing instruments in the high school band.
  • I LOVED when they both playing high school ball.
  • I LOVED when they became young adults and were in college.
  • I LOVED when they both got married and started their own homes.
In fact...........I LOVE EVERYTHING about being a MOM.  (Now, notice....I DID skip some of the stages........but I even loved those too because they made me appreciate the better stages.)

I remember when our daughter was moving away to college and we were both crying.  She said, "Mom, it will never be the same again."  It broke my heart.  BUT....she was right.....it was never the same again.  We had begun a new stage of life.

We did not lose our children when they got married.......we gained another son and daughter.

I guess I am writing all of this just to say.......things WILL CHANGE.  Don't waste your time dwelling on the PAST......enjoy NOW and look forward to the FUTURE.

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