Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's Football Time in TN!

Growing up, my dad always watched sports and followed a couple of teams, but I never would have called him a die-hard fan on any one team. But when I married my main man, I knew that I had married a Vols fan.

Wally is really great about how he follows his team. He wants the football team to win, but doesn't allow the athletic performance of a bunch of 18-22 boys dictate his mood or shape his whole weekend. He does read the blogs and knows the players' names, but he doesn't worship University of Tennessee football.

Right now, the game is on and Neland Stadium is packed. Fans came dressed in their finest orange and regularly break into the song, "Rocky Top." The players are cheered and jeered as they run, tackle, pass, and score. Without a doubt, most of those in attendance would proudly own the fact that they do worship UT Football.

Sports and teams and athletes of all sizes, ages and locations become idols of various importance to even Christians all over the world. This probably doesn't surprise anyone. God created us to worship. We easily become emotionally invested and soon find ourselves worshipping the creation instead of the Creator.

For us ladies, we may or not be so drawn into the temptation to worship a team or an athlete as an idol, but we do need to guard our hearts and not let Satan sneak in and make us trip up over something that started as a little innocent fun. Whether it is a tv show, a book series or an actor, our idols can start small and then their influence over us can slowly but surely, gain momentum in such a way that we don't even realize the influence that they have over us.

My prayer is that God will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus and that He will reveal any offensive ways in me and lead me into the way everlasting.

How do you seek the Spirit's revelation of the idols in your life?

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