Monday, September 30, 2013

It's A Gentle Rain

I saw her walking on the sidewalk in the pouring rain down a busy, four-lane road.  No umbrella.  No raincoat.  It looked like she was carrying several bags of groceries.  It was last week and I was on my way to an important meeting at work.  I was making good time since traffic was light and I knew I would be there in plenty of time to get a good back row seat!!

As I passed her by that Voice that I know oh-so-well spoke to me.  “Dana, stop and see if she needs anything.”  Right away the excuses He knows oh-so-well began.  ‘I will be late for my meeting!’ ‘There is no room in this car!  My passenger seat and back seat are full of stuff!’  ‘She might stab me and I'll be killed!’  ‘She is going south and I am going north and there is no easy way to turn around.’  Blah, blah, blah.

That Voice comes to me quite often and says pretty much the same thing and it normally happens in the same circumstances.  I pass someone who is not asking for help—but that Voice tells me to help. 

When the Voice first started to tell me to stop and help….I would totally ignore it, go about my merry way, and give it no thought.  Over the years I have learned to listen to that Voice….then ignore it….for a while anyway…..then finally obey.  My goal is that one of these days I will obey right away without the excuses and arguing!! 

Many years ago I heard the Voice telling me to stop and help two people who were walking down the road. I ignored it, as usual, then finally turned around to obey—and they were gone!!  Disappeared!!  Nowhere to be seen!!  Now, I am not talking they made a right turn down the sidewalk and I could not find them.  They were walking down a country road in plain sight with nowhere to go and they disappeared.  I wondered and still wonder to this day--, no streets to turn on, no place to hide.  Were they angels?  Perhaps I am crazy but I believe God had something for me that day and I was too late....and missed it.
Over the years I have had some pretty incredible experiences as the Voice compells me to do some seemingly crazy things....and always they end up being something totally unexpected--full of joy and wonder and God.

Fast forward to this week.  To that lady walking in the rain.  To my many excuses for not stopping to help her.  The Voice compelled me and I turned around towards the woman….in the rain….cars were coming behind me and as I got closer to her I had to figure out a way to talk to her but there is no lane to pull over….so I stop in the middle of the road and speak to her praying the cars coming behind me don’t run into me!!

Smiling, I roll down my window—not too far of course, I for sure did not want to get wet!!!  “Can I take you somewhere?” I asked her.  Then the profound words came out of her mouth, “No, thank you.  It is a gentle rain and I rather like it” she replied.  Praise God!  He didn’t really want me to have to DO anything, He just wanted me to be willing.  Relieved, I made a U-turn and headed to work glad I had obeyed.

Then it hit me.  The Lord had a message for me.  “It is a gentle rain….and I rather like it!”  What a beautiful attitude to have!!  I am pretty sure this lady walked to the store—which was a LONG way from where I found her—and was walking home—and there were no homes or apartments anywhere NEAR where I found her, yet her attitude was amazing!!  Positive!!  Sweet!  Not bitter or angry or frustrated that she had to means of transportation!!

Dana, Dana, Dana—you think your “storm” is so terrible….when actually, it is a ‘gentle rain’ and I will give you the power to see Me in it as we walk together through it.  Oh with my Jesus I can say, LET IT RAIN!!  LET IT RAIN!!  Pour out Your Power and Your Presence and I will walk with you for Your burden is light….the road is not too long or difficult.  This faith adventure is not easy but oh Father, help me to say “It is a gentle rain and I rather like it!”

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Lana said...

OMG, Dana, you always amaze me with your insight into God's word and His truth, how you see God in everyday experiences. I'm so glad you were brought into my life. Thank you for your blog today.