Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Top 10 Sweetest Things Church Members Have Done for You.

Over the years my family has been blessed in many ways by our church family.  Girlfriends, I think everyone of us can recall small blessings bestowed on us.  As I was preparing this Top 10 list, I smiled at the simple ways people have poured in to our lives.

Top 10 Sweetest Things Church Members Have Done for You

*Pay for our entire family of four to go on the church snow skiing trip.  That was a huge

*Have my home painted.  At our current home which we purchased, someone paid for the
  entire house to be painted and in the color I picked out!!!

*Someone paid the balance on my out of country mission trip.  I went in to pay the $800
  balance for my trip and the secretary told me to have a great day.  The balance was paid!!

*Tell my husband what a gifted preacher he is and how his ministry has changed their life.
  What a huge blessing that is!

*Host a pizza and game day for my sons while we were in view of a call in order that they could
  meet children their age.  This thoughtful gesture won my children over to the move and they had
  friends immediately upon arriving at our new ministry location.

*Give my husband and sons sporting event tickets (pro games and college games).  We all
  know how costly it is to attend sporting events.  My guys are sports nuts so this gesture is

*Take your sons hunting, fishing or boating.  When my sons were at home, older men in our
  churches became adopted grandfathers to them.  What a treasure these men were in my sons' lives.

*Bring a huge jar of multifavored M & Ms to you when your parent passes away.  It is a
  small gesture but this chocoholic smiled through her tears.

*Stock your refrigerator/freezer with fresh meat and veggies.  This is one of the benefits of
  living in Texas.  These folks know how to feed you!

*Send notes of encouragement, give words of affirmation.  Don't we all need this action?  Our
  lives are so stressful that this small gesture brightens our day.

Girlfriends, what are some of the sweetest things church members have done for you?

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