Monday, June 30, 2014



Crisis-A crucial turning point in the progress of an affair or series of events; a critical moment.

Have you ever experienced a crisis?  A moment when you did not know what to do?  Let me just say that there is a crisis in my home when the chocolate jar is empty!  But let’s go deeper.  As a minister’s wife, have you ever had a crisis of belief?  Yes, it is a shameful thing to admit because we “ministers’ wives” have it “all together.”  Hardly!

Just recently I was in route to my parent’s home to gather any item I might want to keep before we held an estate sale.  On the way there, I received a text message stating that my oldest son was at the ER with a gall bladder attack.  Now, only a week earlier my dad had passed away and now my son falls ill.  Seriously!  I began to just cry out to God.  I was so tired and mentally drained.  Two and half years of dealing with sickness, deaths, moves, and many more changes had left me numb.  I ranted at God.  I asked Him if He really cared or was even there.  Did He know what I had and was experiencing?  As I completed my rant, I demanded God that if He was really there, He needed to show me a sign.  Yes, I felt guilty for demanding and I was heartbroken that I even was questioning Him.  However sisters, I was having a crisis of belief.

No sooner had I spoke the words, I topped a hill and was stunned.  Straight ahead over a pasture, God had painted a rainbow against the approaching storm clouds.  How appropriate.  Here I was again with another life storm brewing and God was going before me.  In my crisis of belief God gave me the sign of a promise-the rainbow- that He is always there.

Yes dear sisters, ministers’ wives are allowed to have a crisis of belief.  We are humans and in our fragile lives there will be difficulties, trials, and tribulations.  Sometimes it is perfectly okay to ask God to do something big so you can have assurance that He is with you in the midst of difficult times.

So sisters, if you have had a crisis of belief, I would love for you to share how God assured you during that time.

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Pat said...

Had a similar experience last Tuesday coming back from meetings in Nashville! I was "mulling over" all I had heard that day and thinking about several family & friends in difficult situations. Suddenly a rainbow appeared and for the next hour or so as I drove just behind the rain, there was a rainbow and sometimes double rainbows in the sky. Great sign of "God's got this"!!