Wednesday, June 18, 2014

School's Out! School's Out!

School's Out!  School's Out!

Being a school teacher................

I am doing a dance this week.  My school was out the Wednesday AFTER Memorial Day.........our daughter-in-law moved out of our home on Saturday.......moving to Gallatin to be with our son, then our V.B.S. started the following Sunday Night.  I was the teacher for the 2 and 3 year olds.  Whewwww......what a full and blessed week, but tiring.

We started V.B.S. on Sunday night this year because we were hosting the "Fishers of Men" National Tournament Trail Friday night meal at our church, as we do every year.  What started out as a very full and busy week, turned into even more....

One of our dear church ladies passed away Sunday night of that week.  So, on top of V.B.S. and the Fishers of Men Meal.....we added funeral home visitation and funeral to the already busy week.

She and her husband were very big promoters of V.B.S. so he did not want us to cancel they have visitation from 5 to 7 on Wednesday night and the funeral at 7.  The burial was the next day at 11.  The V.B.S. workers were able to go by the funeral home before V.B.S. and show our respect.

Last week, I spent all week CLEANING, purging, CLEANING and organizing.  I got a lot accomplished.............but have lots more I want to do this summer.

FINALLY.............I feel like "School's Out".....  This past weekend....I grandbabies spent the night Saturday night and went to church with us and today I spent the day with the grandbabies again, going with them for the 18 month and 4 month check-ups and shots.

My plans are to spend lots of time with the grandbabies this summer.  They grow up WAY too fast.  Right now, both of them are at "Fun Stages" where they are both growing and changing daily.  I enjoy watching their personalities emerge.

So......I am worse than the kids.............

School's Out!  School's Out!

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