Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Had Fun!

This week was our Vacation Bible School week, and we used the spy theme curriculum from LifeWay. I must admit that as I studied the lessons and prepared for each night of teaching, I knew that I could really have fun with this.

This year, once again I taught the kids that had just completed first and second grades; this is a wonderful age group, and has been a good fit for me for several years now……I am not quite ready to handle the teens yet!

I just want to briefly share some of the blessings that I received this week……

Blessing # 1: Sometimes you marvel at what God is doing in young lives. After I got home the first night , I got a call from a parent of one of my students who told me that after her son got home, he went door to door inviting everyone in the neighborhood to come hear about Jesus at VBS. Also, a little girl invited by this same little boy told her parents that they needed to come to VBS because it was fun! (I was told that her family is “unchurched”.) I went to bed rejoicing over these two little ones enthusiastically trying to lead others to learn about Christ.

Blessing # 2: We did crafts and recreation on alternate nights, and got to our respective destinations around the church without any major incidents or accidents. (Those of you who work with kids can appreciate this accomplishment!) You never know what may happen when trying to maneuver several little people to walk in a straight line without pushing and shoving, and to do it quietly!

Blessing #3: I gave the entire class the challenge of memorizing our theme Bible verse, and to my delight, some took the challenge and said it near perfectly. How awesome that they are hiding God’s Word in their hearts at a tender age.

Blessing #4: It is always a joy to me to share the Gospel message during VBS. As you know, children are very inquisitive about the things of God, including salvation, and I love the opportunity to explain to them how our precious Savior came to save us from our sins! None in my class came forward to receive the Lord, but I praise God for the opportunity to plant seeds of faith!

I am sure many of you serve through VBS in your own churches, and as you do, just have fun with it! I truly did, and the Lord knows how our efforts will echo into eternity as souls come to know Jesus Christ.

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