Friday, June 13, 2014

Cutting Ties

I could tell by her tone first, and then she confirmed my suspicions by honestly responding to my questions. There was no way they could effectively continue to minister at their current church. They would be leaving and leaving as soon as God could open the doors for them to leave.

She elaborated that she had defended this congregation but would no longer do so. She couldn't.

Instantly, I was taken back to a situation that my husband and I faced. We left that group of believers after nine months.

I couldn't understand how anyone who knew the truth of the circumstances under which we left could stay there. There was one couple in particular that we had be-friended that knew details no one else knew. They had been a God-send for us, providing evenings of laughter and immense support. For awhile I was hurt and angry that they would stay loyal to "those" that had done us so very wrong.

Over a decade later, they are still active members of that congregation. In the time that has passed, God has given me a new perspective (sound familiar? - see my last post!). Just because He released us from ministry there, doesn't mean He would or even should release them.

I encouraged my friend not to judge those they would be leaving behind. God is still God in even the darkest situations and unhealthy churches. Trust that in the solid relationships, He is still working within that church and among "those people."

The next time we travel through the town we left so quickly, I truly hope we can gather with our friends once again. I'm pretty sure the Mexican dive we enjoyed is still there . . .

Be careful dear sister! Do not sever relationships based on raw feelings now. Don't be too quick to cut all ties.

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