Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Am I Done Yet?

I like to cross items off my to-do list.

Sometimes, I write things onto my to-do list just so I can cross them off.

I like the feeling of accomplishment that comes as I have completed a job and know that there is one more responsibility that is no longer hanging over my head.

It is done.

My garden is not like that.

Like the laundry and the dishes, my garden is one more thing that if I dare write on my list, I will never be able to cross it off my list.

I weed and water and fertilize only to weed and water and fertilize again.

It is never done.

Spiritually, I will never be done on this side of heaven. As long as the Lord leaves me to live in this fallen world, I will always be a work-in-progress. There are sins to eradicate. There are more ways that I can be like Jesus. There are more scriptures to study and apply to my life.

Praise Him! God does not leave me in this continual state of in-completion. He will finish the work He began and one day, I will be done. He will return or call me home and I will be complete.

Hurry back King Jesus!

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