Monday, July 14, 2014

Lessons From My Backyard

When we bought this house, I was SO excited about the large fenced backyard. It has large, mature trees, a raised flower bed and lots of established plant life. I had grand plans of "tinkering" around the yard with my pretty shears and floral gardening gloves. It was going to be so great.

Then reality set in.

I learned two things relatively quickly about the previous owner.
1. She considered gardening her hobby, investing lots of money and large amounts of time.
2. She was not the mother of three small children.

I am thankful though that she did leave me wonderful treasure to discover:

Rose Bushes (approx. 10- different varieties)
Daffodils (5 different kinds)
Iris (EVERY shade and color)
Day Lilies (too many different ones to count!)
Tiger Lilies
Lilies I-don't-even-know-their-name
Hostas (variegated and non-variegated)
Cone Flowers
Rose of Sharon Bushes

It really is something. These photos are some shots I took this spring.

I know it sounds quaint and maybe a bit corny, but I thought for my blogging turn this week, that I would bring you some lessons God is teaching me through my garden. Who knew there were such lessons to be learned right in my backyard?!

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