Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let it Go!

...Being gone from home for approximately four months...

...Having my husband 'bachelor-ing' it for approximately four months...

...Having grandchildren staying here (otherwise known as 'Mimi camp') during the time I was at home (which was the only reason I was home) while their parents were at youth camp or on a mission trip...

...Not cleaning house for approximately four months...

=Equals a really dirty, disorganized home!

So….not only do I need to be kind to myself about what I am not doing spiritually, I need to be kind to myself about what I am not doing with this house!

I leave tomorrow (again) to fly to California….take care of some things there….pick up what will fit into my dad’s hot red convertible sports car and drive it all of the way home to Indiana! 
I still have three grandchildren here so I will definitely not get the house cleaned before I leave!!  What’s a few more weeks, right?  Good grief….My suitcase is still not unpacked since I got home last time and I have multitudes of laundry to do so their mom won’t have to deal with it when they get home.

Our five year old granddaughter has been singing every word to Frozen….and; I think she has quoted every line in the movie!!  I haven’t seen it yet…and actually, I really don’t think I need to!  She acts out what seems to be an entire script!

There is one song that I sing over and over in my mind….and I only know three words….”Let it go….let it go…let it go!!”  As I was singing that in my head just now…I realize that one major way I can be kinder to myself is to LET IT GO!!

Worried?  LET IT GO!
Angry?  LET IT GO!
Burdened?  LET IT GO!
Overwhelmed with all you have to do?  LET IT GO!
Got too much stuff?  LET IT GO!
Bad memories?  LET IT GO!
______________?  LET IT GO!

I am looking forward to the drive….I might put the top down and cruise….who knows….maybe I will have so much stuff to bring back it will be piled up so high I won’t be able to put the top up!!!  Or, perhaps, I need to LET IT GO and not bring back so much stuff!!

LET IT GO my friend.  LET IT GO!


Tara Vinson said...

Praying for you!

Thank you for being so transparent with your posts this week.

Definitely - do be kind to yourself and "let it go" His grace does indeed cover it all and hold you close!

Vickie said...

Dana, thanks for these words. I am dealing with all the same issues and keep putting a guilt trip on myself. I am "Letting it go."