Friday, July 18, 2014

Yet It Blooms!

Last summer I was 7, 8 and 9 months pregnant. I did nothing in my garden.

This summer I am amazed at the flowers that have bloomed despite my neglect.

The Japanese beetles ate on my roses last year along with the aphids, but still they came back prettier than ever.

The weeds and ivy were worse this year because of the lack of attention last year, but the lilies have never been fuller.

Even the plants that were stepped on by my exploring five year old have done alright.

The pulling up of the ivy did not seem to affect the blooming of the tiger lilies.

Going without rain has affected the cone flowers, but they are still there raising their faces to the sun each morning.

I am so thankful that God continues to use us and grow us despite the effort we put into our spiritual growth for a season. He is faithful to pursue us, to grow us and make us beautiful even when we don't give Him the time or attention He desires and deserves.

Yes, we need the spiritual water of reading His word and growing with other believers. We must remain in Him for He is indeed the vine and we are the branches. We should turn our attention daily to the Son. He does prune and tend to us to make us more fruitful. There is indeed lots we can learn from and many ways we can grow just by looking in our own backyard.

Dear Sister, Open your eyes to whatever He is trying to teach you right where you are.

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