Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Reaping the Fruits of Labor

One of my favorite parts of summer vacation, is the canning.  I LOVE to can.  There is just a certain amount of pride and accomplishment felt when you look at the fruits of your labor. 

My husband will plow up a spot for the garden; plant it and tend it, BUT....when the fruit starts bearing, it is my job to gather the garden and put it away for the winter.

One of the sweetest sounds is the sound of the POP when a jar seals.  I LOVE hearing it.

This year, God has really blessed us.  We do not have but a small garden spot, but because of the rain, we are still gathering those fresh veggies daily.  We have given many away.  We have shared with both of our children and my mom even brought some home with her.  AND....I have canned the rest or frozen it.

So far, I have canned green beans and tomatoes and made salsa and squash relish.  Our oldest church member, Mrs. Mahalia gave me a jar of her squash relish about 12 years ago and then shared her recipe with me.  That was my first time to eat it.  Over the years, our squash has not done very well, so I stashed the recipe away.  This year........we have squash everywhere, so I dug deep and found Mrs. Mahalia's old recipe and have made many jars of it to share with others.  (Several people have already asked me for her recipe.  It is quite simple and I will share it another day.)

Just like our garden, my husband and I are reaping the fruits of our labor at our church.  With that also comes a certain amount of pride and joy......not for what we have done, but for what God has done through us.  As I've blogged many times, this will be our 18th year at the church so we are reaping the joys of watching some of the young ones that have grown up and matured as adult leaders.  It is an awesome feeling.

I love reaping the fruits of labor.

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