Monday, September 8, 2014

Looking Back

The other day I was going through one of the many boxes I brought home from my parent’s home.  My mom, a former teacher, kept EVERYTHING that my brother and I ever did in school.  One of the items I discovered was a book of highlights from each of my school years.  It started with Kindergarten and ended with my senior year of high school. 

I settled down on my sofa with a handful of M & M’s, this little book and my husband.   I pulled out my first “report card.”  We started laughing immediately because it was my Kindergarten report card.  I quickly scan the check marks and soon discovered my lack of math skills began here.  It stated, “Needs help with number recognition.”  Suddenly I was overwhelmed with only two memories of Kindergarten.  I went to the Methodist church for it.  Second, a friend and I got in trouble for talking during nap time which resulted in punishment at our respective homes.  (By the way, this friend was best man in our wedding, one of my husband’s friends, and to this day remains like a brother to me).

My husband and I continued further into the school book.  Each time I turned a page I could remember one thing about that particular year.  Maybe it was that I did not like my teacher or a disagreement I had with a friend.  Two of the years I struggled badly in Math and recall the hours of study I had to do in order just to pass the course.  My senior year was where I recalled one the sweetest memories.  My senior English teacher saw something in me that no one had ever pointed out to me.  She is the one I credit for pushing me to write.  She noted in one of my class journals to “go for it because you have the talent.”

Do you ever look back and discover people who have touched your life or encouraged you to purse a dream?  I look back at the churches we have been honored to serve in and recall people who ministered to us over and over.  In our first church out of seminary, there were two couples who literally took us in as family, loved us, and allowed us to grow up at their church.  In two other churches, God placed two older men in our lives who quickly became adopted grandfathers to our sons.  These men took the time to teach my boys to fish, hunt, and enjoy nature.  In addition sisters, I can tell you I have two of the best friends in the world from a couple of the churches we served in.  These ladies, non-staff wives, were placed in my life to encourage and support me.  Our friendship runs deep and I know without a doubt these friendships will carry us into eternity.  What is amazing is that both these ladies have met each other and now they are friends as well. 

Yes, looking forward is always a great thing to do, but looking back reveals some of the blessings and lessons we have learned.  As you look back over your ministry life or just life in general, can you recall people who touched or encouraged you in a significant way?  Share it with us and if possible take a moment to call or write that person.



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