Tuesday, September 30, 2014

YES for 1

Okay....Tennessee Ladies.....help spread the word:  YES for 1.  Early voting begins October 15th and Voting is November 4th.  Many people will skip over this voting item because they do not understand it.  If you skip this and don't vote anything, it counts as a NO.

Regardless of people's stand on abortion, EVERYONE....meaning both sides....should want regulations and safety for the woman, so vote YES for 1.
Check out the website:  Yeson1tn.org

It is a proposed pro-life amendment.  Our state is the 3rd highest in the nation for performing abortions. This would require inspections, licensing, wait-period, & other safe guards not currently in place. Volunteers came to our church Sunday night to speak & get the word out.

Please share this info with everyone you know.......post it on your Facebook account, send group e-mails out or any other way you have public access.

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