Monday, June 15, 2015

Answered Prayers!!!

Thanks for the prayers!!!  God is GOOD.....ALL THE TIME!!!!  This is my son's mother-in-law, Debbie, with her precious granddaughter, Ellie.  I have been asking for prayers for her since December.

I am proud to say that she completed six chemo treatments (18 weeks worth) and then June 2nd, she had two surgeries in the same day.  First the did a hysterectomy  and while she was still asleep, another doctor came in and did a double mastectomy and also removed the tumor.  The doctor thought everything was okay, but they sent it off to make sure.

Last Wednesday, she went back to the doctor and got the news she has been waiting for since December..........SHE IS CANCER FREE!!!!

It is all because of prayer.  The type of cancer she had is very aggressive and normally when they discover it, it has already spread.  Hers had not.  Also, many time it is not responsive to chemo...........hers was.  God is good.

Thank you for the prayers and please continue to remember this sweet lady in your prayers.

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Tonya said...


Thanks for sharing this; I had prayed for her when you made the request. Praise God! He is a Wonderful Healer!! Tonya