Wednesday, June 10, 2015

VBS Season

As hunters anxiously await the start of their favorite hunting season, many of us ministers' wives anticipate the beginning of VBS Season.

We plan and prep. We recruit and review. We decorate and design. We usually just work with one church, our church.

Being the wife of an assistant associational missionary guy, I have an unique perspective of VBS. My man travels the region encouraging churches with various sized Vacation Bible Schools. From the large ones with hundreds of kids to the small ones who rejoice over an attendance of 12, we get to see what God does all summer long. It's very cool.

Personally, I do invest in our home church's week of VBS. Over the years I've volunteered my time in various ways to help make the thing work. This year I am supporting our high school students as they prep and teach our middle school students. I must admit that even though we've just completed day 3 and have two more days ahead, this has been very cool too.

I have had the summers when VBS is overwhelming and I am burnt out and spent before the first note is even sung on that theme song that seems to never go away or end. I have experienced the feelings of dread and desperation and "I'll never do THIS again!" too.

Ladies, I don't know where your heart is this VBS Season. I don't know if you are living in anticipation of the crazy, wild week or maybe you just glad that it is FINALLY over. Maybe, you can identify with me on those years I just wished (and prayed!) that is would somehow miraculously go away.

Regardless, let me encourage you to ask God to open your eyes and your heart to what HE is doing this VBS Season. I know you will be blessed!

If you've already been blessed this VBS Season, or remember a particular blessing of a past season, please post about it in the comments. Let's praise God together for what He has done or is doing this VBS Season.

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