Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ask for HELP....and you'll get it!

Ask for HELP....and you'll get it.......... in HIS TIME!!!

We have been at our church for 18+ years.  What a blessing it is to see some of the kids that Roger baptized in leadership positions today.  God is Good.

For many years, Roger and I had to do or at least had to lead EVERYTHING.  It is such a blessing to have help.  Many years ago, God sent us help, but our numbers were still small, so we ALL had to do everything together.  Finally, God has sent us LOTS OF YOUNG help so we can spread the responsibilities out.

Once a year, Roger's secular job, working with computers has a "Mock Disaster Recovery- (DR)" two weeks.  It is a very stressful time for him; many times working 24 hours.  And, he's always had the church also.

This year, our youth guy preached for him the first week and Roger was able to sit back and enjoy the service.  The second week, an older preacher in our congregation preached for him while Roger was once again able to sit back and enjoy.  Some of the men of the church stepped up and did some of the visiting, etc. for him.  What a Blessing!

In the middle of the DR one of our elderly church members had back surgery....and a few days later they had to do a second back surgery.  He was not doing very well last Wednesday and was in the hospital in Oakridge.

Roger had a decision to make............because of his job, he had a small window that he could go to church.............or he could ask for help and he could go to the hospital and have prayer with Bill instead.

No many years ago, there would not be an option.  We would HAVE to be at church Wednesday night.  However, Roger called a young man and asked him to take care of the prayer service and he agreed to.  I called a girl and she took care of my Wednesday night class,  (I had it together, so I dropped it off at the church for her.)

Thank you God for sending us help!!!  We appreciate all of our members....the young and the old.  We could not do it without them.

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