Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Toddler Prayers

If you really want to be blessed, go into your preschool department and listen to those babies pray.  They truly bless my heart.

Aubrie (4 years old) - "Dear God, I just don't know where to begin.  You have blessed me soo much.  I want to thank you for everything and that you have and will do for me."  (She's been listening to dad pray.  smile.)

Aubrie (another time) - "And God, would you please make Carmen leave me alone so I can hurry up and finish this prayer?"

Stephen (4 years old) - "Dear God, please be with my mommy and my baby brother who is fixing to be born.  And, God, in case I forgot to tell you, my baby brother's name is Logan."

Henley (4 years old) - "Thank you for making me who I am.  And thank you for choosing my mommy and daddy for me because I love them very much."

Charly (3 years old) - "God bless mommy and daddy and me.  And God bless Mimi and papa and ChaCha and Sissy and Bubba. And God bless Aubrie and Henley and Carmen and Brielle and Elan and Stephen and Julian and Annie and Mrs. Kaffy and Mrs. Belinda and everyone.  Amen."

Collin (2 years old) - "Thank you for the food."  Amen.

They are such a blessing.  This is just a small sample of their precious prayers.  I look forward to seeing how they are used by God has they grow older. 

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