Saturday, June 27, 2015

Prayers For Jamaica Answered!

Thank you!

Prayers for Jamaica were answered!

My sisters, I would like to thank each of you as you prayed for our team during our recent mission trip to Jamaica. This was such a wonderful experience, as I saw the Lord work wonders not only among the team members, but also in the hearts of the people that we were blessed to minister to.

I truly believe that the Lord was honored and glorified in all that we were able to accomplish, and the specific requests that I had you praying to the Lord, well, He answered every one!

We had safe travel in the skies, and as we traveled all over the island during our time there. Also, the Lord prepared hearts as we went into schools and walked the streets of the Linstead community sharing the Gospel. I could tell that the Lord truly blessed our two church members that went, so much so that they want to return and bring others. And I was certainly proud of my daughter; I was amazed at her entire demeanor during the trip, and I witnessed a courage and boldness in her that I had never seen before….to God be the Glory for it all!!

Rejoice with me over this: after our time ministering in Linstead was over, there were about 300 souls who made decisions to follow Christ!! Our God is truly amazing!! It was not about what we did, but what HE did through us.

I am very excited about the potential of another team of youth and adults going next year. Many of the teens shared testimonies about how the mission experience impacted their lives and they definitely want to come back again. In fact, after a visit to an elementary school, where a small group of us spoke to the children during their morning devotion time---yes, morning devotions are a permanent fixture on the daily schedule in Jamaican schools!--- my own daughter shared Scripture and a testimony, and later told me that she did not want to leave! I clearly saw that the Lord had given her a heart for missions!

There are so many other things about the trip that I could share, but I will simply say again…. Thank you all for your prayers!!

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