Thursday, August 27, 2015



There is good and bad.

I have enjoyed Facebook for several years now.  It is sooo nice to connect with old school mates and to keep up with everyone's children and grandchildren.  I even enjoy keeping up with some of you of FB.

Our church is made up of about 80% of people under the age of forty so Roger FINALLY had to bite the dusk and join the world of Facebook so that he could communicate with them.  Smile.

He still HATE Facebook, but he tolerates it.  He told our church that his rule is......if you post ANYTHING "Ungodly or bad" he will delete you.  I am sad to say that the first week he deleted about ten of our church members.  

I am not as strong as him.  I always worry about hurting feelings, so instead of defriending them .....if  they begin to post questionable things, I just unfollow them so that I do not see what they post. 

  • Our couples Sunday School Class is private and uses FB for private Prayer Requests.  That is an easy way to get prayer chains started.  
  • We have a SOUND group that is private that posts info, etc. and also the songs for Sunday.  
  • Our church's FB is public and they post pictures, upcoming events, and praises.

These are all GREAT uses of Facebook.

However, right now we know a couple whose marriage is in major trouble because one of the spouses has been having a cyber long distance affair online.  This person is ready for a divorce because he/she feels he/she is in love with the online friend.  WHEWWW.......

It is sooooooooo easy to be SOMEONE else online and to fake it and lie.  People say things online they would NEVER say in person, on a phone call or most of the time even in an email.  It is easy to be whoever the other person wants.............

This is a dangerous tool that Satan is using to destroy homes.

Facebook is not a sin.  Miss-use of Facebook IS A SIN.

I know you've seen it too.............
  • people air their dirty laundry on fb.  
  • People will argue and fight on fb.  
  • AND....some people blow up fb by sharing what they have with the pictures of it for every meal for every day of the week.

TECHNOLOGY is a Wonderful thing.......................................................but guard yourself and don't allow Satan to use it.

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