Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pick and Choose Our Sins

Pick and Choose Our Sins!

That sounds silly, doesn't it?  But, isn't that what people do.  The unforgivable sins are ANY sin that I do not commit.  We pick and choose our sins.

We had a sixth grade student last week draw on a piece of paper, detailed pictures of human "privates" and labels them.  He did a great job.

The teacher mentioned it the next day and said that she did not want to know who did it, but she did want to let them know that just because they were a good artist and could actually label it, it did NOT make it okay to be drawing it at school or anywhere else.

A little boy in the back of the class raised his hand and said, "I did it.  I drew it." 

When she asked him why he confessed, his reply was, "Because I am a Christian."

We got a good chuckle out of it........ until I got to thinking about it. 

 I was GLAD he had a conscious enough to want to confess, but sad that his conscious did not bother him enough  that he actually drew the pictures and labeled them.

Made me think.  Don't adults do that every day?  They pick and choose their sins.  

They confess the ones the choose that are wrong and accept the other ones as okay.

We are a VERY accepting generation.  

And, as Roger said Sunday, we are very good at reasoning.  My sin is not so bad.........because your sin is sooo much worse.  We tend to forget that sin is sin is sin.......no big sin or little sin.  Sin is Sin!!!

We do NOT get to pick and choose our sins.  Sin is Sin....regardless of what the world says.

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