Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Season of Summer Ministry Moves

Oh the joys of summer ministry moves and attempting to navigate everything from a new church to a new school system for your children!  If you are in throws of a summer season of ministry move, I pray that it is going smoothly; however, sometimes it is a bit overwhelming. 

I just finished chatting with our new worship leader’s wife who is totally frustrated at the large, local school system in our city.  She was told that class schedules would not be distributed to the over 2000 students until the first day of school.  What!  Also, because of restructuring, relocating and other issues, no one in the school office or the school administrators knows what is going on. In other words, there is a lot of uncertainty in the school district right now. My sweet sister is in tears and simply wants to get her children registered for school.  Oh and by the way, school starts in a week! 

In the past I was employed by a large school district and worked in the counselor’s office.  It got crazy but we managed to have schedules ready for pick up early in August and offered tours to new students.  Waiting until the first day of school to provide schedules, lockers, and welcome new students is nuts!  For a new ministry family or any family for that matter moving children to a new school district and not knowing what to expect is scary.

As I listened to my sweet sister pour out her heart and shed her tears, my heart broke.  How many times have we all been there having these same issues.  We not only have to deal with a new church setting but we must look for new a doctor, a home, a school.  Like my ministry sister’s son must do now, at one point my sons had to try out for the football team and earn a spot even though they had been starters at their previous school.

As we finished our conversation, my advice to my ministry sister was to contact the one parent in our church whose son will be at the same middle school as her son.  Possibly this mom can help her reach the right people.  My prayer is that both moms will set up a car pool so that both boys can be together on the first day of school.

My point today is that we ministry sisters need each other.  We need the strength we can gain from knowing other ladies like us are praying.  I am thankful I have ministry sisters who I can call or text at any time for advice, to vent, or to just say hello. Almost every day I receive a text from two of my former TN staff wives (Susan Green and Angie Millard).  We may be separated by miles but modern technology keeps us close.  We allow ourselves to be honest with one another in our frustrations of ministry but at the same time offer encouragement and laughter. 

I want each of you to know that my cell and Facebook private message is always available.  I may not have the advice you need but I can certainly listen and pray.  I hope that you would do the same for me as well.  Because in the grand scheme of ministry, it is HARD but there is also joy.  One of the joys is that we are girlfriends who stand by each other on good days and on the difficult days.

Now, I must run.  My ministry sister hear is in deep distress and I know exactly what she needs-a big hug and a Hershey chocolate bar!


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