Monday, August 17, 2015

Jesus Is Truly Enough

I've been juggling spinning plates since my last turn to blog.

There is my annual "work" plate, spinning with teachers' needs, parents' questions and preschoolers' curiosities. I direct the weekday preschool at our church and back-to-school is definitely my busiest season.

There is the "family" plate, twirling with the usual obligations of laundry, groceries, and household chores. However, I have two school-age kiddos that needed to be registered for new schools and have their supply lists met. We have also had bedtime conversations about their apprehensions and anticipations of starting those new schools.

There are TWO "house" plates, one with the demands of organizing, packing and cleaning the house we are moving from- the other, is the house we are renovating and moving to; with decisions to be made on floors, paint colors, cabinet fronts as well as a never-ending list of walls to be stripped of wallpaper border, paint to be added, gardens to be weeded etc...

There was the "virus" plate that I am thankful to no longer be juggling! And "The-Sunday-School-Director" plate that I was happy to hand off to the new Next Gen Minister. Both of which remind me that things could definitely be crazier than they already are.

 While juggling all these pressures and responsibilities I have continued to take my morning walks. The music I play in my ear buds is far from what most would chose to exercise to, but the worship music has transformed my mornings, my outlooks, my relationships and my days.

The songs that speak to me the most are the "deep" ones. It is like God is saying look at me. Look at my Son. Look at what He did for you. The cross. The blood. The grace. The forgiveness. The resurrection.

As I strive "to look full in His wonderful face" I realize I am no longer juggling any plates. I don't know how He did it, or even exactly when, but He took them from me. "The things of Earth grow strangely dim" and I realize the temporary nature of all my stresses. My "Blessed Assurance" reminds me that He's truly got these trivial things and He's got me too.

I've tried praying scripture and claiming promises in the past, but this time is different. I am not looking in His word or trying to soothe myself by memorizing a verse that describes what He does for me. I am stopping and learning how to truly focus on my Savior.

Jesus is truly enough.

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