Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Please remember this sweet little girl in your prayers today.  Because of re-occurring ear infections, she is having tubes put in today.  

The tubes will be a blessing.......anything if it helps her pain.  BUT....she is NOT a people person to strangers.  In fact, we will be surprised if she does not SCREAM when the nurse takes her from her Mommy to take her back.

Pray for little Kinley and for Mom & Dad.

Also, remember Big Brother, Cameron as he spends some time with Mimi & Grandaddy and is enjoying being alone.

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Kathy Britton said...

Surgery went GREAT....she had a double ear infection......... so very thankful she got the tubes today. They gave her some Happy Juice before they came for her so she was so loopy that she did even whimper. Thank you for the prayers.