Monday, August 24, 2015

Pretend "Christians"

I look around me and my heart breaks.  Somehow, we have lost our directions.

Sooo may people claim to be Christians and claim to love God, but their actions do not prove it.  EVERYTHING.....and every excuse is used to miss church.

Many children are brought to church, but their parent's actions prove that church and God is not the controlling source of their beings.  Kids see through the "pretend".  No matter what you say.....if you put everybody and everything before church and God, you are teaching your children that they God and the church are not important and everything else is.

Would these same people use the same excuses for ballgames?  Or for Nascar or whatever else that is is their "driving force?"  Of course they would not.,,because THAT is important to them.

That may not seem horrible at the moment.........but when their children grow up and completely leave God out of their lives......they wonder what happened?!?!?!  They wonder where they went wrong!?!?!?!

They went wrong.....way back.....when their children were young and they TAUGHT them that you go to habit; not out of true LOVE OF GOD.

It breaks my heart to look around me and witness this.  

If I said anything to any of them, they would immediately "think"...."but you HAVE to go, you are the preacher's wife"  I do not go to church because I am the preacher's wife......I go to church because I love God and I want to experience more of him.  

Being a bi-vocational pastor's wife, there have been many, many times in our thirty-six year of marriage when we were "just members" and did not hold a position in the church. HOWEVER.....there was NEVER a time in our married life where we did not attend church; every time the doors were open....because we LOVE GOD and could not get enough.  Our children grew up knowing nothing else.  There were times that our children had to miss a "ballgame", etc. because it was played during church.........but they did learn what was important to their parents.

God has blessed us beyond what we deserve.  We have four Godly children (2 by birth and 2 by marriage) who not only call themselves Christians..........God is in complete control of their lives.

It breaks my heart to see so many people "pretending" and doing as little as they can to ease their conscious. 

Everyone keeps talking about the direction our country is going and being worried.  IT ALL STARTS AT HOME. 

Thank you for allowing me to vent......

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