Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Beginning

To a school teacher and to us at church, this is a time of new beginnings.  Almost a second New Years. 

School has started.  It is a new year.  A new group of children.  A new beginning.

Church's new year is beginning.  New teacher and officers......new kids and new beginnings.

I get excited around this time every year...even though it is hectic.  I get excited for meet and learn my new students at school and to face the new hurdlers thrown at the teachers for the new year.

Also, at church I get excited......................new beginnings always make me feel good.

Wipe the slate clean and start over.

God is working miracles in our church.  We continue to have visitors coming and I really feel that our Sunday night studies are a blessing.  (I hear the Wednesday night studies are also, but I am in a class teaching the preschoolers, so I miss that.  Smile.)  Not only are we growing in numbers, the ones that are interested are growing in spirit also.

We just had our business meeting last Wednesday night.  I am in class, so I missed it, but Roger was sharing with me some of the activities and projects coming up.

It warms my heart!

However....when things are going so good...........I always get scared....because I know that Satan is waiting for a weak link to jump in and try to destroy the good work.

Satan will work overtime when God is being Honored.

My prayers are that our church and individuals will guard our hearts and stay so close to God that it does not leave room for Satan to work his destruction.

That is my prayer for your church also.

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