Friday, March 18, 2016


I met a fellow sister in ministry about a month ago.  She and her husband are the proud parents of twin school-age boys who apparently keep her quite busy.  She told me of some of the escapades of this double duo and I found myself laughing my head off.

As the conversation continued, I asked her what the best gift someone ever gave her for parenting her twins.  She proudly and unashamedly said, “A bullhorn.”  She explained that now instead of yelling to get her boys attentions all she does is speak in a normal voice THROUGH her bullhorn.  What an awesome idea!   If I had had one of those handy devices when my sons were school age, I probably would not have the vocal trouble that I do now.  I can vividly remember standing in the darkened hallway at church calling out for the boys to come so we could head home.  Sometimes I may have yelled VERY loudly to get their attention.  Then I thought to myself, “I want a bullhorn to get the attention of every member of my church who is in rebellion.”  Oops, that would include me too!

I wonder if the Heavenly Father ever thought about using a bullhorn to get his wandering, pathetic children’s attention.  Think about it.  I am sure a bullhorn would have been handy when Jonah ran away from God.  Oh and what about Moses who “whined” that he couldn’t do the job God was calling him to do.  Also, I wonder if Jesus would have liked to use a bullhorn to awaken his disciples who had fallen asleep instead of praying when Jesus has pleading with the Father about his approaching death.  Perhaps, we are so stubborn that God needs a bullhorn to get our attention.

Thankfully, our Father Heavenly does not need to yell nor does he need the help of a bullhorn.  He lovingly calls for his distracted, unfocused, rebellious children to return to their first love.  Why is it so hard for us to simply obey our Father?  Just like a three year old who cries “I want to do it my way” we too desire to have our own way about things-our careers, our ministries, our dreams.  We may run the opposite direction from God’s plan for our lives but eventually we will fall on our face.  When we come crawling back to the Lord, He will not be standing there with his hands on his hips and bullhorn in his hands.  Instead the Father will have his arms open wide for his obedient child.

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