Thursday, March 3, 2016

Preview of LIGHTS

I mentioned in Monday's blog about us staying at the church until late Friday night....putting up the LED is preview of it.... 
The "Boys" are practicing before the Surrender Night of Worship.  In this picture, Luke (our sound/light technician) used purple lights.  Our new LED lights will show white and all colors.  We enjoyed them Saturday night and also Sunday.  They are much brighter than the old, plain lights., did our church have to fight a lot of battles to arrive where we are today!!! 

Some people do not like CHANGE regardless.  It was a little over a year ago when there was bickering because the young worship leaders wanted to bring guitars, etc. into the worship service.   We have come a LONG WAY...........................

Everyone in the church was excited about our "new lights" and if you ran a secret poll.....I am pretty sure that most of the members are loving our worship service which is a good mixture of contemporary and traditional.  The "boys" have taught us old folks some new and powerful music.................and they are quickly learning traditional music that they had never heard.  One of the guys has even taught himself the piano.

I remember last Easter, Roger asked them if they cared to play He Arose for Easter Sunday.  They said sure!  What we found out later is neither of them had ever even heard the song, but they were willing to U-Tube it and learn it.  And they did a wonderful job on Easter Sunday singing it.

That's what growing is all about..............give and take............and working together.

After sixteen months....our older peoples have pretty much accepted the new worship service and most of them are really enjoying it.  Our younger crowd is definitely enjoying it and it is bringing in more and more younger folks.  Right now, our church is made up of about 85% of people that are under the age of 40,  Praise the Lord...............the church of tomorrow.

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