Monday, March 21, 2016

Thank Goodness It's Monday!

Thank Goodness it’s Monday!!  It does seem rather strange that I would say, “thank goodness it is Monday” since typically the phrase is “thank goodness it’s Friday”!!!  Or is it "thank God it’s Friday?  Anyway….don’t get me wrong…I love the weekend!  I love Sunday (most of the time) when we can worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  So, you might ask, why am I thankful it’s Monday?

Weekends can be hard for those in ministry….and uniquely challenging for those married to ministers.  Here’s the breakdown for my typical weekend for the past 40+ years.

Friday:  Many years ago Evelyn Christensen (Biblical speaker and author of several books including “What Happens When Women Pray”) told a worship center full of women, where I sat on the front row soaking in every word, that on every Friday the church of satan is praying that the pastors will fail.  That they would fail in their marriages, that they would fail their families, that they would fail in their ministries.  All of it.

I vividly remember breaking down in tears.  Was the Body of Christ praying every Friday for the pastors?  Were they standing in the gap every Friday battling the enemy for our husbands?  As I pondered what she was saying and all it meant I realized that Friday’s were particularly challenging for my husband….and determined to pray fervently for him on Fridays.

Fridays can be hard.  However, Friday is typically date night and, for that reason, Friday is special after a week full of not seeing my husband because of meetings and who knows what all!

Saturday:  every Saturday night for as long as I can remember my husband would leave home around 7-8 p.m.   He would spend time at the church finishing up for Sunday morning and praying in the quiet of the sanctuary for God to move mightily the next day and for the people and whatever else God put on his heart.  He arrives home long after I am asleep.

However, I rarely do sleep well on Saturday nights.  I am praying all through the night for God to move, for the Holy Spirit's anointing over my husband, for those leading worship, etc.

Sunday:  Ahhhh, Sunday and the joys of getting “X” number of children up (why is it on Saturday mornings they are up at the crack of dawn--or before--but on Sunday they have to be pulled out of the bed??), fed, dressed and out of the door for church.  With shoes on.  By myself.  Alone.  Two times.  Exhilarating.  Exhausting.  Relentless.  Worth it!

Sunday also brings lots of people in to the mix.  Familiar people I love.  Familiar people who are, at times, a thorn in my flesh.  New people to greet and get to know.  People to teach.  People to hug and smile to and encourage.  People to pray with.  People.  Lots of people.

I love people.  And, I am a people person.  An ‘extrovert’.  But I am also an ‘introvert’ and need my space.  Makes me feel like I am rather weird until I heard that there are other people like me out there!!  Introverted extroverts we are called!

By the time Sunday night has come I sometimes cringe when a group wants to go out to eat or hang out.  I am people done.  People done I say!

So….when Monday comes….like today.  I say “thank goodness it’s Monday” and praise God…Sunday’s coming!!

What about you?  Do you thank God it’s Monday too??


Jen Stults said...

Hi, Dana! I love that you wrote about this because it's often how my husband and I feel after a busy weekend of ministry. So glad to know we are not alone in it. :) And very glad to have connected with you again at Transformed in Indy!
Jen @ Being Confident of This

Dana said...

Jen! Yay! I am so glad you found this blog site!! Especially since it is for ministry wives!! Have fun reading!!