Friday, March 4, 2016

D.I.E.T. (Did I Eat That?)

Amen to that!!!

I blogged last time about my "wake-up" call and because of fear, not only did I start making healthier choices, counting calories and walking, but so did my husband.

This has been a journey................but it has been much easier traveling it with the one I love.  I thank God every day that we are traveling this road together. 

Dieting is just like is sooooo much easier when you share it with the one you love.

We have been making healthier choices since the end of August and been adding walking to our lifestyle.  We live a VERY busy lifestyle, so many of our meals are eaten on the road.  I have a dining out app on my phone and before we go to a restaurant, I check out the calories and PLAN what we will eat.  It's all about PLANNING.

This is a lifetime commitment.......we both realize that it is really NOT a is a different way to eat.  (And, yes, Vicki.....I DO slip some M & M's into the diet occasionally.  Only now it is a handful, instead of the entire extra large bag full.  Smile.)

I told someone this week that a year ago I would have NEVER dreamed that one of my husband's favorites meals would be broiled fresh salmon and steamed asparagus!  He tried it and he loves it.

The six months of dedication have paid off.  We survived Thanksgiving and Christmas........and we still have not completed the journey, but I am proud to say that between the two of us.....
We have lost over 80 lbs.!!!  
That just blows my mind......of course it also tells YOU just HOW unhealthy we really were!

The older you get, the harder it is to loose weight!  That is also one of the excuses I always used.

Roger will be 60 the end of this month.  I will be 60 in October.  I say this to say...........ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  We are living proof!!

We have reached this stage in our journey by God's help, dedication, hard work, determination, and by helping each other.  The rewards have been:  feeling better, getting off medication.....and new clothes.  Smile.
I decided to share this with you because several people have sent me private messages asking about our journey.  If WE can do can YOU!!!  

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