Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Life Twice

I didn't plant any of the plants or trees in my yard. I didn't plan the placement of the lilies, the hostas or the peonies. I didn't lay out the border, spread the mulch or fertilize the rose bushes.

BUT, I will benefit from and appreciate all the hard work done by someone else.

I have been in awe of the vibrant pink blooms on the fruit tree in the backyard. I have already used the white blooms on the trees along the driveway for the backdrop for our Easter photo shoot. And, I can't wait to fill a vase with the bulging blooms from the hydrangea bush out front.

Spring has awakened fresh life into all aspects of my yard, and in a way, the former gardener has given me the beauty of the bright colors and bold sights along with their fresh fragrances.

The previous owner, like me, appreciated the beauty to be found in the trees, gardens and flower beds. She tended them as long as she was physically able and, now, I have been gifted with the fruit of her labor.

I didn't do anything to deserve them. I didn't even know many of these little blessings existed until the weather warmed and awakened the trees and plants. To my delight, they burst life into our yard.

This simple act of Spring brought a second point of our pastor's Easter Sunday sermon to my mind-

"And this is the the testimony, that God GAVE us eternal life and this life is in his son" 1 John 5:11 ESV (emphasis mine)

As my pastor explained, God GAVE eternal life. We did nothing to earn it. We didn't do anything to deserve it. Actually, if anything at all, we disqualified ourselves to receive it through our sin.

BUT  He GAVE His Son that we might not perish but have eternal life.

Yes, we paid a price for our house, but all the hours and plants the previous owner invested into the yard was not included in the price. She worked and worked. Then she left it to us. She gave it, where we didn't expect it or even knew to appreciate it until now.

 I didn't earn the eternal life He gave me. I couldn't. Yet, I reap the rewards of His work, of His sacrifice.

This time of year is an excellent time to stop our toil, remember, and appreciate the work He has already done. As the grass grows again and the earth yields to sprouting shoots, we see how He creates and generates life. Easter comes and we remember the high price of redemption.

Stop, take a look at the life awakening around you and praise the Creator and Giver of it all.  He is the One who redeemed His creation by giving us life twice, breath in our lungs and eternity in our hearts.

I am left in awe as I did nothing to deserve or earn either one.

BUT, I will benefit from and appreciate all the hard work done by someone else.

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