Monday, March 14, 2016

First Dates

Recently the ministers’ wives fellowship for our association met for dinner and fun fellowship.  I love it when I can get together with these ladies because we never know what will be discussed.  This time of sweet fellowship went from a nice chatty evening to all out stomach laughter complete with tears. 

One of the sisters threw out the following statement:  “In a couple of words describe your first date.”

Here are a few answers:

1.        Mr. French-apparently on sister actually met her man a few years before their first date.  He was in a college choir that visited her church.  She always remembers that he reminded her of Mr. French from the old TV show “A Family Affair.”  When she finally began dating him, she could not keep from thinking about Mr. French.

2.       Two Timer Club-Several of our ladies apparently decided to “test drive” their first date.  Just in case the “new” beau didn’t work out, they kept the “old” boyfriend handy.  Thankfully, the couples hit it off and are now happily married.

3.       Small town girl meets a new world of men at college-I can’t do justice to this story but I will try.  Two ministers’ wives came from very small towns where the ratio of girls to boys was small.  When they entered college a whole new world opened up for them.  So many men!  So many choices!  Yes, they finally found their perfect match.

4.       Coach’s daughter-This poor sister said no one wanted to date her because her dad was the coach.  It took a long time before one brave soul meekly asked her out.  She snatched him up and married him.

5.       Run a month before a date-This sister ran for a month chasing her man.  She finally caught him and the rest is history.  (By the way, they are both marathon runners).

6.       Choice of twins-When you have a twin sister, the fellow must decide who he likes best.  Thankfully, he selected my sister in ministry.

7.       Lottie Moon meets Mr. West Texas-Now when a girl feels called to be a missionary and her hero is Lottie Moon, she should not be faced with choices.  However, this sister went to college at Baylor and met a West Texas cowboy.  She still felt called to missions until their college group when to Asia.  She could not get back to the states and to Mr. West Texas fast enough.  They are now happily married and minister to children all over our state.

See ladies, getting together for fellowships is a fun way of getting to know each other better.  I will tell you (and I am ashamed) that I was in the Two Timer Club.  Why?  I couldn’t believe that I would get lucky enough to go out with my now husband.  I mean he was a jock who earned awards and a college scholarship, popular, going into the ministry.  I was a shy girl who got tongue tied.  However, I am blessed that my man picked me on our first date and we have been happily married for almost 38 years. 

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