Wednesday, June 11, 2008

God's Word

As a minister's wife, you have more opportunities to hear God's Word than most women.

We attend church services regularly. Many of us hear sermons on Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday nights. Some of you may even listen to your husband as he prepares to teach or preach. Beside these times of Bible teaching, there is Sunday school, women's Bible studies, special events, weekend retreats, revivals and more.

Considering this fact, as a minister's wife, how much time do you need in God's Word?

Jeremiah said, "Your words were found and I did eat them and they became the joy and rejoicing of my soul".

Eat them - not snack occasionally, not scan, browse or even just listen. Eating requires an action by me. It requires me to pick up the food, put in my mouth, chew, swallow and digest. This action allows the food to incorporate into every part of my body.

As minister's wives, we must take time to 'eat' God's Word. Take time to read, study, memorize, meditate, obey and share. These activities allow God's Word to incorporate into every part of our lives.

Don't let satan lull you into laziness, by allowing someone else to chew for you.

Dig in! Fill Up! God wants to talk to you personally today and become the 'joy and rejoicing of your soul'.

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