Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Called to Himself

It is always amazing to me the things that are going on in my life during the weeks it is my "turn" to write this blog….and this week is no exception!! Right now as I sit down to write this I am exhausted, emotional, overwhelmed, stressed, sad, fearful and very prayerful!! This week I am:
  1. Finishing my last days at the college giving and grading finals, turning in grades and leaving an institution for the final time after over 14 years.

  2. Loading up my car with whatever it can hold and moving to a new state leaving dear friends and co-laborers in the ministry. Saying goodbyes, emptying refrigerator, cleaning and readying the house for the buyer God has for us.

  3. Attending and celebrating my son's graduation from seminary.

  4. Hosting a precious lady from our new church who is traveling through our area.

  5. Needing to cry and needing to hear from God.

A question was raised a couple of weeks ago concerning whether or not we, as minister's wives, were "called" to the role. Perhaps there are as many answers as there are minister's wives. For me, and I almost dread saying this, I never heard/felt/sensed that call. For me, that night, years ago in my bedroom, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was calling me to Himself....but never to a man or a position or a place.

Honestly, I am envious of those who know God called them to this "position". Makes me wonder if I should even be in this "position".....but then I know who the author of doubt is.....and I choose to look to Jesus. Remembering He called me to Himself!!

It is during weeks like this one that I desperately need to remember that I am His....and that He has called me to Himself....and it does not matter where I am, or how I get there, or who is there when I get there....

Blessings sisters....

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