Friday, January 23, 2009

True Friendship

True friendships are a treasured gift from God. A true friend is always there for you. A true friend makes time to call, write, or visit. A true friend shares in hard times and in joyous times. Sometimes distance separates friends but a true friendship is one that can pick up with where you left off. A true friendship will last a lifetime.

Over the holidays I was able to visit with my mom’s best friends. Mom and Granny Betty, a named given to her by my children, have been best friends since the early 1960s. What is more amazing is that our families have lived in two different towns at the same time and only separated by a couple of neighborhood blocks. As a result our families share many memories.

As a young girl, I remember Mom and Granny Betty getting together for Thursday morning coffee. I really do not know what took place during those coffees but I am quite sure there were some laughter and tears. For as long as I can remember Mom and Granny Betty have spoken on the phone at least three times a week and been the same Sunday School class. When I married Granny Betty’s eldest son was our best man and Granny Betty headed up my wedding reception. When Granny Betty’s youngest son had their first child, my mom held the baby before Granny Betty did. This is what best friends do-they share in each others lives.

As I write Mom and Granny Betty are separated. Granny Betty had emergency surgery this week for a crippling back problem. Prior to the surgery, she has been in and out of the hospital or rehab for months. We are all praying that she will soon be back on her feet and walking. Before Granny Betty’s surgery, my mother was able to make a short visit to her. From what I understand these two ladies just sat and held hands like two young school girls. Even in illness, true friendships can share special moments that can lift ones spirit.

I believe that God places friends in our lives at different points and times. Most of the time friendships pass with time because of moves, illness, or some other event. However, there are times when He allows a friendship to last a lifetime. It is those friendships that take time to nurture and develop. It is the same in our friendship with our Heavenly Father. It takes time to develop and become “best friends.”

In this New Year I encourage you to nurture your friendship with the Lord. Spend time with him. Share your heart, have a good cry, and even laugh. Also, nurture an earthly friendship by spending time together and enjoying a good piece of dark chocolate.

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